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Nancy Higley, Ph. D.

About Us

Nancy Higley Ph.D. has 40+ years’ experience leading regulatory and product safety organizations for worldwide flavor, beverage and food companies. She earned her degrees in Biology and Biochemistry and completed post-doctoral research in Toxicology.

Nancy currently serves on the board of a flavor association, has previously held board seats, and has a huge passion for the food and flavor industry, both in regulatory and toxicology.

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs can be a point of competitive difference. A knowledgeable regulatory organization can elevate your speed to market and enhance customer confidence in your products.

We can partner with you to set up regulatory programs, education and training.

Nancy can bring a wide breadth of experiences from ingredient and product innovation to retail product.

Northern Michigan

Nancy and her husband reside in Cross Village with their two huskies and enjoy their bluff view overlooking Lake Michigan.